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>How safe is your physical Gold ?  - Jeff Clark - Casey Research
If I may suggest , besides more than 1 place to keep your bullion. Get a safe with both a combination & a key. Without having both, you cannot get into the safe without breaking into it. My safe is of that style, it is also in the lowest back of a large steel military cabinet I bought at an auction, secured by welding it in place it took 4 of us to move it from the truck to the basement. I have since removed the basement garage door. It now is just a walk in door opening. So the steel cabinet will no longer fit through the opening.
Nothing is 100% thief proof ... But you can make them struggle , & IMO the harder it is. The safer your valuables are in there.

1576 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Here’s a quick checklist of the three most common places to store your gold. My friend overlooked one of the basic rules of home storage, so I hope you’ll review where and how you store your precious metals so that you can avoid the same pain and loss he experienced…... Read More
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