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>How safe is your physical Gold ?  - Jeff Clark - Casey Research
Seeing as I also have a mossburg 12gage mag pump, & I'm inside & they are outside having to kick down my door to get in (did i mention my Steel entry doors are out swing style? so yo can't kick them down ) But even so, that is rarely the problem experienced up here in rural Canada.

The reason I have my main safe like this, is just in case a break & enter thief or possibly a case where someone I know finding the key & getting in. The key, combination lock system is IMO a safer way to lock the door.

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Beginning of the headline :Here’s a quick checklist of the three most common places to store your gold. My friend overlooked one of the basic rules of home storage, so I hope you’ll review where and how you store your precious metals so that you can avoid the same pain and loss he experienced…... Read More
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