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>The Fat Lady Always Sings Twice  - James Howard Kunstler - 
jimmy we are already in "some dark night of the American soul." the guy you voted for,barry sotero, has assured that. as for nurse rachet, why didnt you mention the clinton foundation? its the biggie. as for uncle biden; the commies might as well nominate uncle fester.

1461 days ago
Beginning of the headline :That was the week Hillary began to look like the candidate who fell off a truck wearing a Nixon mask. Email-gate is taking on the odor of Watergate — the main ingredient of which was not the dopey crime itself but the stonewalling around it. The State Department Inspector General’s report saying definitively, no, she was not “allowed” to use a private, unsecured email server validated Donald Trump’s juvenile name-calling of “Crooked Hillary.” We... Read More
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