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>Why Samsung Is Not Buying Silver - REDUX - Jeffrey Lewis - 
Do we know with which industrial giant AG recently made a deal, and are any of the details of that deal public knowledge? KN had made it known a year or more ago that AG was withholding some of its PM from the market b/c of low prices. I certainly hope that both deals, AG's and ASM's include significantly higher prices than the CRIMEX spot. Otherwise i'd feel as though mgmt was betraying us loyal shareholders.

2425 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Actually… that old headline above is not quite accurate.However, the implications have not changed - and could be playing out as I write this.(Silver, despite bearish COMEX positioning, has broken out of a key moving average and seems to be accelerating…)Samsung, the giant electronics conglomerate, formed an agreement with Avino Silver and Gold Mines Ltd. in July 2015.As of September, Avino has been delivering concentrates as per the original deal.While silver prices have remai... Read More
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