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>The US Continental Currency – 1776  - Paul Tustain - Bullion Vault

Wow! Great article. That's the kind of history America's globalist controllers don't want us to know. You point out that the gold standard was designed to "prevent a conflict arising" so wars or any government expenditure would have difficulty finding funding.

The globalist have us worshiping Lincoln because of his freeing the slaves when it was merely a gimmick to inspire more soldier signups as he was facing draft riots in NYC. He was planning to deport the slaves after the war, so Lincoln wasn't the slave's hero the globalists portray.

Lincoln was a corporate lawyer representing Northern manufacturers and bankers who planned the civil war using the usual divide and conquer strategy. They imposed a tariff on finished goods giving their Northern industries an advantage that triggered a British retaliatory tariff on Southern cotton choking off their exports. Where have you heard anything about a Northern tariff causing the civil war?

This was the strategy to cause a war that would split up the union and conquer it piecemeal by foreign interests. Lincoln later opposed Southern occupation and the globalist plotters killed him for it.

History that makes sense, particularly including the conspiracies have been sorely lacking in our controlled education and presents a strong argument for a free-market educational system - freed from the government manipulation, deception and propaganda that has occurred ever since.

"Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” George Orwell

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Beginning of the headline :In spite of a constitutional bar to un-backed paper money which existed at the time Abraham Lincoln was forced, in 1862, to issue the first tranche of what was eventually $450,000,000 of "greenbacks" needed to finance the North's efforts during the civil war. The greenback was a credit note. Unlike America's extant currency it conferred no right of redemption into gold. What it did do was offer a promise that at some unspecified future date... Read More
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