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>Sernova, Diabetes and Haemophilia - Richard Mills - Ahead of the Herd

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You say, "Diabetes occurs because people eat and drink too much Sugar for the body to handle." This implies that we can cure diabetes by eating less and producing less glucose in the blood. I wish it was that simple.

You're right, Diabetes is a result of excessive glucose in the blood that isn't taken up in the cells and the body increases insulin to boost this glucose absorption to no avail because of insulin resistance exhibited by the cell. Boosting insulin by injection is also futile.

The problem isn't too little insulin because this insulin resistance is caused by the cells closing off uptake of energy-producing glucose because of the body's contamination by toxins in our air, water, food and medicine.

The toxins are causing this metabolic disorder called diabetes, so our bodies can't extract energy from our food and we're left with blood full of food waiting for processing.

We overeat in response to our body's trying to eliminate the toxins in search of critical 90-element nutrition. That's why Dr Joel Wallach describes obesity as a deficiency disease because the building toxic body burden (TBB) overwhelms our eliminative capacity.

Our body is desperate to acquire nutritional elements that can eliminate the toxins that are preventing glucose uptake and energy production in our currently closed-off insulin-resistant cells.

Our globalist controllers are experts at disabling our critical bodily functions and handicapping us with vaccines, fluoride, GMOs and chemtrails. As Mike Adams said, "It's all rigged" and he was referring to not just elections.

The food, air, water, medicine, science, history, courts, government, institutions and money to name a few are all controlled and rigged.

Our globalist controllers know just how to emotionally handicap, chemically dumb down and dominate every facit of our lives and the basis of their power is their poisoning agenda that the sheeple are completely oblivious to and continue displaying a blind allegiance to their globalist-controlled Establishment savior.

2380 days ago
Beginning of the headline : Paul Lacey was a researcher at Washington University when, in 1972, he cured some diabetic rats by transplanting the islet cells from healthy rats into diabetic ones. Over the next two decades researchers made many attempts to apply the procedure to humans. Unfortunately no one was successful. By the early 1990’s most scientists had come to the conclusion that islet-cell transplantation was a lost cause. Drs. James Shapiro, Jonathan Lakey and colle... Read More
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