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>Negative Interest Rates Are ILLEGAL - Jeff Nielson  - Sprott Money - 
i dont think it can be resolved with words and pens. they slaughter their own when its prudent for them. they black-mail. they threaten. with those tactics and others they have been winning. ask the suppressed and starving masses around the world if the pen is mightier than the ak47? if that were true the abolitionists would have prevented the american civil war. nine million jews would not have died. history moves in large matters by large shocks. who is going to get shocked this time? the dis-assembled, ignorant powerless or those with much power and hundreds of years of experience? we must take to the streets. we must withhold our labor.

1356 days ago
Beginning of the headline :We used to live in societies which observed the Rule of Law. Among the many great ironies and perversities of our social/legal devolution is this. Many of our fundamental principles of law (and justice) were such an integral part of our lives that they were taken for granted, and thus rarely discussed in explicit terms. Now, in the Corrupt West, many of these same principles of law/justice have been forgotten – seemingly erased by our lawless governments. One of these elementary principles of... Read More
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