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>Why the U.S. Wants a War  - Andy Hoffman - 
Great Rant Andy sir we are fortunate to have resources like these to make informed decisions and be resistant of clouded judgement. We must join one and all to buy metals as a group globally on April 2 moving forward annually remembering to set our goals to survive another day. After all these futile situations have passed us and the powers that be have moved on we will regroup, repair, and train civilization to be more resilient, lets be sure not to tread these dirty waters again thank you from

3903 days ago
Beginning of the headline : As a species, humanity is the world’s most spectacular creation.Whether shaped by evolution or divinity, its complexity is unparalleled, and progress unchallenged.Man is supposed to be a benign, social creature, and throughout my life, I have met hundreds of amazing people.Unfortunately, its cumulative history states otherwise... Read More
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