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>Drain The Swamp? You Bet!  - Bob Hoye - Institutional Advisors
Interesting, Bob. But just wondering why you feel compelled to equate concerns about fluoridation and GMOs with "ozone holes," "global warming," and "climate change." The first two are not only very valid concerns, but their open discussion in the media, scientific investigation and education of the public about the results are OPPOSED by the globalists as these are major intl corporation money-makers for them.

In the first instance, "fluoridation" as a public policy enables them to unconscionably but legally dump toxic industrial fluoride products into the water without having to pay for cleanup while lying to the public that it's not only not harmful but beneficial!!...proven lies! And the second, as you know, or should know if you've done your homework, is a multi-$billions profit center for especially Monstersanto, which has opposed and paid our (non)representatives lots of bucks to oppose simply the labeling of food as GMO, yet the consequences to our ecosystem and our bodies is very real (and I speak as an MD).

The other three are without any doubt whatsoever creations of the globalist elites, the Bilderbergs et al. They are pure MSM fictions created to scare the peoples and give the globalist community the power of law to tax and control sovereign states and esp. its working classes and taxpayers.

2263 days ago
Beginning of the headline :America voted to return to its foundations as a constitutional republic instead of continuing on the path towards a corrupting welfare state. On their compulsive drive, the governing classes had become, well, ungovernable. On Independence Day weekend, this writer published an article that rhetorically asked if the "American Spring" would be successful? The answer in rural talk was "You bet!". Trump, the Republicans and the "deplorables" will indeed drain the swamp in early stages in an... Read More
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