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You believe like Brandon Smith, that Trump was allowed to win or is a secret globalist puppet that will be "fingered as the scapegoat for this [next] Crash." While the globalists would like to

escape blame, it's far more important to maintain power because of all the secret hi tech toys acquired from 70 years of massive university, engineering dept research feeding their black programs and budgets.

That's why it's far more important for agent Obama to be in charge coordinating a massive 9-11 type attack bringing in martial law, dollar replacement for SDRs and a lockdown of America before Trump can get in and spoil anything.

Assuming Trump is indeed their anti-globalist enemy, they intend to maintain control of their secret super-villain hi tech toys such as HAARP, EMP, Bluebeam, CERN and chemtrail programs that allow them to create earthquakes, Tsunamis, create and steer hurricanes and tornados among many other secret unbelievable capabilities.

They currently control and handicap the health of most of the world using vaccines, fluoride, GMOs and chemtrails. These poisoning programs form the basis of their domination and capture and Trump is a serious threat to that manipulation.

All these programs are at risk if an independent anti-globalist gets into the WH. You don't believe they have these masters-of-the-universe toys. There were 1400 cars mysteriously torched on 9-11 by some kind of beam weapon and two towers were dustified.

9-11 was a secret demo of their hi tech toys. Did you know that a hurricane was off the coast on 9-11 some believe provided the awesome energy for these toys in a Tesla coil - like effect.

There's far more at stake than a trivial blame game going on and they have far more power and capabilities than anyone suspects.

Dr. Judy Wood - Where Did The Towers Go?

2246 days ago
Beginning of the headline :The price of gold (and silver) is presently falling. This was previously predicted as far back as the middle of February. Precious metals prices will almost certainly continue to fall, soon accompanied by a general crash in our markets and economies. The need (for the banking crime syndicate) to depress precious metals markets is to create the illusion that these metals are not safe havens, when panicked people are looking for somewhere to place the remnants of their wealth. However, in ord... Read More
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