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>The Deep State, Trump, and JFK  - Nelson Hultberg -
Too much truth for many. Obviously your first rater is either brainwashed, braindead, or a "familiar" of the Deep State's vampiric empire.

One thing, though, that you forgot to mention about the MIC. You wrote, "The power elites of the Deep State are horrified by Trump’s “mind-our-own-business” foreign policy because they believe that America must use its military and dollar supremacy positions among nations to achieve American hegemony...." That's true, but perhaps equally important is the fact that they make massive amounts of money from war, conflict, instability--from selling arms to collecting fees (bribery/blackmail) to making themselves sweetheart deals (that can't be refused, so to speak) through their economic hitmen. "Hegemony" is not some philosophical belief system, it's simply a way of gaining power, control, and wealth and maintaining them.

2497 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Donald Trump is a revolutionary, and government establishments loathe revolutionaries. This has been so since human societies began. Those who threaten any society’s prevailing power blocs with a diminishment of their prestige and influence are always targeted by those power blocs as an enemy to be undercut, smeared, and even exterminated if necessary. This is a law of politics that is as assured as the flow of tides and the paths of the planets. What is the Deep State? It is the vast array of b... Read More
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