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>Learning to Prosper in Silver - Jeff Nielson  - Sprott Money - 
Jeff...maybe you can answer this question. Butler never does, and as far as I'm concerned, it's a major failing in his (many) assumptions and hypotheses: Where in the hell_o did JPMorgue get all the physical silver that Butler says they have accumulated?? All I've heard since I started majorly investing in PMs back in the late 90s, is that silver is and has been in a significant deficit situation, mining vs consumption-wise, that industry keeps using it up, that investment demand sucks up a good proportion of the rest. And yet, he claims, JPM somehow or another managed to suck up somewhere around 550 Million oz over the past ?5-6 years?? From where/whom?? Inquiring minds want to know. Both cannot be true, in my view of things--either they do NOT have that amount, physically speaking, or silver has NOT been in a tight deficit for decades, as has been promoted. Of course there is always a third possibility--the existence of another source of silver that we either don't know about or that most won't accept or simply blow off as an "urban legend," which would be something like Yamashita's gold (/silver), or some centuries' old Asian/Chinese source. What say you?

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Beginning of the headline :We live in the era of the sound-bite. In our televised news, every subject – no matter the complexity – is presented in two minutes or less. Our newspapers are the print equivalent of the sound-bite. TV programs exist which present longer discussions of important subjects. News magazines exist which provide longer print features. But no depth of understanding is gained from such sources. Instead, we are simply bombarded with an agenda: the agenda of the handful of mega-corporations which co... Read More
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