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>Sudden Escalation: US Warships Fire Missiles Into Syria  - Chris Martenson - 
'How to prepare for War'
Excellent article Chris.
Thank you
Sadly war looks to be inevitable between Russia and the US and this time the US will get more than it bargained for . Russia has been incredibly restrained to date ,but I doubt this will last. The US will continue with this insanity until ,as many believe ,it has now passed the point of no return between these two empires.
The trash newspapers like the NYT and WP have only aided in creating a monster that cannot be put back in its box
Lord help us ! because the US ain't

1867 days ago
Beginning of the headline :One of my worst fears has come to pass: the US has launched a missile strike against the Syrian government -- something Hilary Clinton had suggested she would do, but Trump has now done. The ostensible reason for the attack is that Syria has been accused of using a toxic nerve agent against its own civilians on Tuesday, killing upwards of 100 people. I remain skeptical of the official account. Following the attack, I analyzed the information available, and let’s just say that the case for that a... Read More
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