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>EU Threatens Poland With Article 7, Loss of Voting Rights  - Mish - Global Economic Analysis
Let me get this straight - Merkel decided unilaterally to allow any number of unscreened Middle East and African migrants in then, when this proved domestically unpopular, tried to foist them off on other EU member nations. Was that decision 'in the spirit of the EU'? Now the EU PTB wish to crack the whip and punish those who have resisted the dictatorial frau. It boggles the mind but we should not be surprised as the EU gives the merest nod to democracy.

1867 days ago
Beginning of the headline :The EU is upset with Poland because it doesn't uphold "European Values". In response, the EU threatens Article 7. Background Article 2 of EU treaty demands countries in the EU Promote and Safeguard European Values Article 7 is a sanctions procedure that the EU can impose on countries the EU deems to have violated Article 2. Article 7 has never been used. Sanctions include removal of voting rights. Poland has irked the EU because of judicial reforms the EU does not agree with, and also becau... Read More
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