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>Christmas Story  - James Howard Kunstler - 
There is no moral confusion because morality in the western world is dead. Mr. Potter of yesteryear has succeeded in capturing all the banks of the world. Before we can respect each other with civility we might try respecting God.
John Chroust Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

1860 days ago
Beginning of the headline :For your reading pleasure Mondays and Fridays These are the long, dark hours when cis-hetero white patriarchs sit by the hearth chewing over their regrets for the fading year and expectations for the year waiting to be born. I confess, I like Christmas a lot, Hebrew that I am, perhaps the musical and sensual trappings more than the virgin birth business. Something in my mixed Teutonic blood stirs to the paganism of blazing Yule logs, fragrant fir trees, rousing carols, and snow on snow on snow... Read More
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