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>Confirmation, Outrage and Disgust - Theodore Butler - Butler Research
Ted - It is now close on two years ago that you wrote "I am convinced that silver will soon explode in price................the price of silver will move suddenly and shockingly 'soon' I mean before many weeks or months have gone by"

Now what I and others would really like to know is this - what factors caused this prediction to be 100% wrong, and what change in those factors is ever likely ?

425 days ago
Beginning of the headline :A recent interview with former CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton nearly knocked me off my feet because it confirmed what I have alleged, starting more than 12 years ago. I’ll include the interview later, but first I will set the background of the subject and timeline in order put Chilton’s words into the proper perspective. The subject is JPMorgan’s manipulation of the silver market. The timeline is important because Chilton does misstate some facts that need to be corrected. I’m not a big fan of a... Read More
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