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>The Annual Silver Surveys - Theodore Butler - Butler Research
No I do not believe that anyone is screwing with the price.
There has been selling of physical.
My call 29 March for silver to hit 14.70 has come very close and could go lower.
Butler does not have a clue and with his mindset that the market is rigged should have made him a lot of dollars by simply going short.

149 days ago
Beginning of the headline :This past week, the Silver Institute released the annual supply/demand report it commissions each year by GFMS from London. In about a month, the annual silver report compiled by CPM Group should be released. Over time, these two reports have become the prime source material for silver supply/demand fundamentals. First, some general comments about the reports, followed by what the Silver Institute report includes and doesn’t include.As always, data and statistics on their own are fairly meaningl... Read More
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