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>Why is JPMorgan Above the Law? - Theodore Butler - Butler Research
I will assume that TB is correct when it comes to JPM and price manipulation of PM's.
Silver is now the same price it was back in April 2006.
Sold all at the top 2011 ( ? good luck)
This month is showing a possible reversal and if price stays above 15 it will be a good time to load up.
This could be one for the ages.
Notice I said could!

173 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Recent developments indicate, almost beyond question, that when it comes to silver (and gold), JPMorgan is operating in direct violation of the law. So clear is the proof of this allegation that the only real question is why JPM is allowed to openly flaunt basic commodity and antitrust law? Before getting to the why, let me first establish that JPMorgan is, indeed, violating the law when it comes to silver and gold. JPMorgan is the largest and most important bank in the US and many would conside... Read More
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