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>Say Anything!  - James Howard Kunstler - 
You write a nice wrap-up James. If I get to "Say Anything" I'd like to say there's ONE missing clown under The Big Top : Obama. Bill Maher recently said, in his CNN television interview, that if Obama were to run against Trump ~ Obama would win. Oh, how I would LOVE to see Obama's terrible legacy FINALLY stomped into the dirt by Trump. Much like the Democratic possibility of running a winning candidate (TULSI GABBARD) in 2020 : it's only a dream.

163 days ago
Beginning of the headline :My favorite moment in the Wednesday night “B” Team installment of the Democratic primary debates was Julian Castro’s “defense” of transgender abortion rights. Say what…? I almost dropped my bag of Dinamita Mojo Criollo Doritos. Did that really come out of Little Julian’s mouth? Apparently so. But how does it actually work? Like, say, in theory, someone “transitioning” from female-to-male gets inadvertently knocked-up after a (perhaps mistaken) romantic encounter with an actual man and has to, yo... Read More
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