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>How Much Gold Should Someone Own? Where and How To Own It?  - Mish - Global Economic Analysis
It also ignores counterparty risk. If physical gold availability is limited, you are unlikely to get any - you will be paid out for your paper gold contracts in depreciating fiat currency .
I don't hold gold as an investment but rather as financial fire extinguisher.

154 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Periodically I receive questions on gold ownership. How much should one own, and where? Let's start with the first question: How Much Gold Should Someone Own? There is no fixed answer, but rather a general methodology that I like: Do not invest outside your comfort zone. Think in terms of percentages, not fixed amounts. For some, 10% is too much, for others 30% is too little. Some do not trust anything else and are willing to hold a huge percentage of their assets in gold  If a 30% decline... Read More
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