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>There Is No Normal  - James Howard Kunstler - 
It's been over ten years since I began taking the advice of you, James, along with the advice of George Ure, Gregory Mannarino, Gerald Celente, The Great Mugambo Guru Daughty, Greg Hunter, Jim Willie and many many more. I took most of my life savings, bought that small plot of land, built that small utility barn and bought that tiller-and-tractor-and-disk-and-plow. Then the predicted Total Economic Collapse DIDN'T happen.

Taking trillions of Taxpayer Dollars and giving those dollars to The Banks seems to have worked. I still have that small plot of land ~ barn, tiller, tractor and all. My reply to "What will you do ?" is : I've waited over ten years. Now, even I can see it coming. I'm glad I held on. I'm glad YOU held on !

283 days ago
Beginning of the headline :The wheel of time rolls forward, never retracing its path, but because it is a wheel, and we are riding in it, a persistent illusion persuades us that the landscape is recognizably the same, and that our doings within the regular turning of the seasons seem comfortably normal. There is no normal. There is for us, at this moment in history, an especially harsh turning (so Strauss and Howe would say) as our journey takes the exit ramp out of the high... Read More
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