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>August 19 Turn Date is Tomorrow – Are You Ready? - Chris Vermeulen - GoldandOilGuy
Well I guess that 19th August breakdown call is not working out at all, at this stage at least,
S&P 500 up about 38 pts.
Aside from that, why wasn't there a breakdown call on 1st Aug ?
Here is my call...take absolutely no notice of any so called financial advice from anybody, Ever !

355 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Our August 19 breakdown prediction from months ago has really taken root with many of our followers and readers.  We’ve been getting emails and messages from hundreds of our followers asking for updates regarding this prediction.  Well, here is the last update before the August 19th date (tomorrow) and we hope you have been taking our research to heart.  First, we believe the August 19 breakdown date will be the start of something that could last for more than 5 to 12+ months.  So, please under... Read More
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