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>There Is No Normal  - James Howard Kunstler - 
The World Made by Hand is not coming, if it does, the first thing made by hand will be graves. Billions of graves, dug by hand.
All the great inventions of the preceding centuries are not going away. Fossil fuels will not be going away, they will simply be used more efficiently. What will be going away is waste. Instead of huge energy intensive factories, and shipping lines to move the products; products will be printed and used in the same location. Instead of discarding products at the end of their use, they we be fed back into the 3D printer to make another useful thing. Of course, not everything will be done this way, but efficiency will drive the future.
Land fills will become mines. Even electricity will ultimately be localized in it's production and usage, eliminating wasteful transmission.
The transition from the old/current energy intensive economy to a more efficient localized economy will take a long time. Will it happen fast enough to prevent the economic catastrophe that is The World Made by Hand? Time will tell, let's hope so.

360 days ago
Beginning of the headline :The wheel of time rolls forward, never retracing its path, but because it is a wheel, and we are riding in it, a persistent illusion persuades us that the landscape is recognizably the same, and that our doings within the regular turning of the seasons seem comfortably normal. There is no normal. There is for us, at this moment in history, an especially harsh turning (so Strauss and Howe would say) as our journey takes the exit ramp out of the high... Read More
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