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>The Great Conundrum  - James Howard Kunstler - 
Some ALTERNATE SYSTEMS already exist. Two examples are Craigslist and ebay ~ which are like a Trader's and Bargainer's Paradise. One brand new, still in the box ALTERNATIVE to the system is just now becoming visible: Jesse Ventura For Prez ~ on the Green Party ticket. I'm sure, as The Workable Options outside the current (and failing) system arise; those In Control of The Current System will do everything in their power to STOP those Workable Alternatives.

The AFFORDABLE "Tiny Home" OPTION to EXPENSIVE housing couldn't be stopped by "The Market" so it was made ILLEGAL ~ using Zoning Laws ~ by those in Power and Control of the Current System. See how that works James ? If it works it will be made illegal. In some towns Garage Sales have been restricted to two weekends a year and a $25 FEE must be paid. Try being a broke-but-trying-to-survive entrepreneur under those conditions.

Yes; several unresolved conflicts ALREADY exists. Since The Powerful are PUSHING THEIR AGENDA TO THE MAX it becomes inevitable the conflict will ESCALATE. When enough people arrive at the "Nothing to Loose" stage, the two opposing views will fight it out. It's gonna be big. People are armed and dangerous and stepped on too long.

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Beginning of the headline :Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone, Joni trilled half a century ago. Another song, by CSN, went, it’s been a long time coming, it’s gonna be a long time gone. Boomers. Back in the day – before they invented the hedge fund, glyphosate, and political correctness ­– they had a way with the deep vision thing. And now, here we are! Just like they saw it.  Open up is code, of course, for return to normal. You’re kidding, right? Where I live, the future happe... Read More
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