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>When There are No Consequences for Anything  - James Howard Kunstler - 
Mr. Kunstler is absolutely spot on, I've been asking these same questions now for years. We are overrun with corruption and nobody seems to care. The media is in bed with the leftist and the lawbreakers, and will repeat whatever lie they hear that is damaging to the President. We are as divided as we have ever been as a country, and if we don't get control of this soon there will be blood in the streets--all over the country.

35 days ago
Beginning of the headline :The Democratic Party with its deep state auxiliaries begins to look like a monstrous hybrid of Matt Taibbi’s fabled Vampire Squid and the skulking Kraken of the maelstrom, devouring the innards of our republic in its deep, dark depths one institution at a time while a storm rages on the surface and citizens eyelids flutter in horror, frozen like sleepers in the paralysis of a nightmare, at the rising havoc and ruin. Or, to put it plainly: what the fuck is going on in America? Ongoing sedition is... Read More
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