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>Forecast 2021 — Chinese Fire Drills with a side of French Fries (Jacobin-style) and Russian Dressing  - James Howard Kunstler - 
The supreme mistake ~ made by over half the American population in 2020 ~ is that the every day Joe-Schmoe vastly under-estimated The Power of the Dark Side. Who would have believed The Forces of Evil were so powerful that they could swing an American Election ? Most people can barely wrap their minds around it even now.

James, your Bill of Particulars is based on there being enough good ~ enough power on the Side of Right ~ to challenge, subdue and prosecute the recent events promoted, publicized, pitched and endorsed by Evil. The Dark Side has proven to be more powerful than that. All you non-believers have only to look at the results the forces of Evil had over the $2000 Stimulus Relief Checks to KNOW I'm telling you the truth. The Dark Side has decided to keep Americans in Dire Straights from getting that relief: even if they have to sacrifice control of The Senate to do it.

There's a proof coming up soon. The forces of light, people doing what's right, have a Golden Opportunity to get Americans Medicare for All. The #ForceTheVote movement, if the powers of light are successful, will force Nancy Pelosi to bring Medicare for All to the floor of Congress for debates. You'll know how powerful The Dark Side is within 3 days. The proof will be obvious.

60 days ago
Beginning of the headline :As I write, the presidential election is still not resolved, with dramatic events potentially unfolding in the first days of the New Year. I’m not convinced that Mr. Trump is in as weak a position as the news media has made him out to be in these post-election months of political fog and noise. The January 6 meet-up of the Senate and House to confirm the electoral college votes may yet propel matters into a constitutional Lost World of political monsterdom. The tension is building. This week’s p... Read More
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