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>Rough Ridin’ with Biden  - James Howard Kunstler - 
Joe's main problem is that he has no delivery when speaking.
In fact he sounds like death warmed up.
The USA is technically bankrupt financially with trillions of dollars of debt. In other words a Banana Republic. Good luck to Joe with that problem.

77 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Speaking of the inauguration, I don’t know what was more peculiar: Lady Gaga sweeping out onto the capitol dais in Hunger Games drag —and I mean but exactly, down to the golden mockingjay pinned above her left breast — or Garth Brooks post-hymn dash to the exit as though he just heard the repo man was coming for his Gulfstream jet parked across the Potomac at Reagan National Airport. The immense ranked American flags deployed silently down the mall in place of annoying US citizens lent a funerea... Read More
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