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>Flying Blind  - James Howard Kunstler - 
Correct, for the most part. Socialism produces nothing and takes everything. Democrat Socialism appears to be of the most virulent kind, like parasites so unevolved as to kill their host. Republicans, at least when in power, were smart enough to allow the shared host to lift its head above water now and then for a gulp of air. Now they’ve joined the Dems in a sort of political intercourse - with Pelosi on top. To foresee what happens next is but a matter of reading history. The books will be available until they are not.

488 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Events are in the driver’s seat now, not personalities. Gil Scott-Heron was right way back in the day when he said, “the revolution will not be televised.” Only what he called “revolution” turns out to be collapse, led by the disintegrating news business, so that the people of this land are flying blind into a maelstrom of hardship. Everything is going south at once here, and you probably don’t know it. If you think we’re headed into a transhuman nirvana of continuous tech-assisted orgasm, socia... Read More
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