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>The Man Who Isn’t There  - James Howard Kunstler - 
James, the Trump Rally Rage-to-the-Capitol was A Trap. It's obvious the Washington Security was reduced to a MINIMUM to allow the MAGA Mob easy access to the White House. (After 9-11 you couldn't pound a needle with a jack-hammer into White House Security.) That means the So-Called Insurrection has been a PLANNED situation all along.

NONE of those 80 million voters ~ who made Biden "The MOST POPULAR PRESIDENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY" ~ have shown their faces in defense of Mr. Popular ~ which PROVES BEYOND THE SHADOW OF A DOUBT the Election was a complete FRAUD.

The billionaire's reaction to the Reddit Raid on Wall Street proves The Financial System has a Soft Underbelly that, now that the way to exploit it is known, will soon come crashing down.

I'm a month older than you James, so I'm still a month ahead of you. Look into Mango Hybrid Melon seeds at Burpee, get your rota-tiller tuned up and ABANDON SHIP on this run-away situation that's Too Failed to Fix.

70 days ago
Beginning of the headline :One might ask: why is it so easy to put over narratives on at least half the people in this country? Here’s the answer: because we are living in a time when nothing adds up and there are no consequences — but especially no consequences for the folks in charge of things that don’t add up. For instance, the January 6 riot at the US Capitol building. The Deep State axis of interests — politicians, permanent bureaucrats, Beltway contractors, K-Street influencers, shady international NGOs, and most o... Read More
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