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>The Man Who Isn’t There  - James Howard Kunstler - 
I wonder how many will vote in the next election? Perhaps there will be 400 million votes for the glorious leader.
Yes, I can count, that is more than the current population, though by then who knows.
My bet is actual will be less than 10%, reported will be greater than 50%.

68 days ago
Beginning of the headline :One might ask: why is it so easy to put over narratives on at least half the people in this country? Here’s the answer: because we are living in a time when nothing adds up and there are no consequences — but especially no consequences for the folks in charge of things that don’t add up. For instance, the January 6 riot at the US Capitol building. The Deep State axis of interests — politicians, permanent bureaucrats, Beltway contractors, K-Street influencers, shady international NGOs, and most o... Read More
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