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>Crimes against Our Country  - James Howard Kunstler - 
James, I get the feeling this Never Ending Vaccine Battle will last until the total economic collapse. I downloaded the entire Joe Rogan interview of Dr. Malone the moment it came out on YouTube. I checked back on YouTube the next day and it had been taken down. Then, I decided to listen to the interview on my MP3 player. Malone confirmed almost ALL the "conspiracy theories" about the Covid vaccine. Our doctors and our government have turned on us. Therein lies the big mystery: why did they turn on us ?

Speculation: Could it be, the total economic collapse will lead to Barbarism ~ so our doctors and government decided a vaccine Mass Die-Off would be preferred to the alternative Barbaric War mass die-off ? Is there a comet or asteroid "Extinction Level Event" headed our way ? You, and Julian Assange, are at the top of my list for finding the essential information I need ~ that the whole world needs. Do you know the answer to the Big Mystery ?

140 days ago
Beginning of the headline :The year of sickening global psychosis ended with virologist and vaccine-uberspecialist Dr. Robert Malone truth-bombing the Internet with three hours of straight talk about the US health authorities’ campaign to destroy the lives of at least half a million US citizens (so far) and, leading by example, to harm multiples of that number of innocent people across all of Western Civilization. Podcaster Joe Rogan assisted skillfully in an interview that is finally rocking the world out of an epic cons... Read More
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