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>Who will protect us? - George F. Smith - Barbarous Relic
Wow! If they take away our guns we WILL be defenseless against all those thugs out there who are packing their AR-15s. Yes, sir, just look at all those countries who've prohibited guns ownership or regulate them to death like Australia, Japan, Denmark, Netherlands, South Korea, and France. Gosh, they'e a hot bed of crime, murder, and violence. Oh, wait...they aren't.

52 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Let’s take a Nancy Pelosi approach to the Constitution and assume for the sake of argument that every privately-owned firearm is confiscated by US government agents.In other words we now have a public that is largely defenseless against attack from other armed individuals who don’t legally own their weapons but use them under authorization from the government (such as cops or soldiers) or as private individuals using them criminally. Would this situation reduce the number of homicides or mass mu... Read More
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