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>The Watermelon Summit  - Tom DiLorenzo - 
Good grief you are dense. I demonstrated that Lil' Tommy is a LIAR. I don't put up with liars. If you are too dense to understand what I'm talking about, just stop. Otherwise, reread my post. I provided FACTUAL, not arguable evidence that a government program provided a benefit to the people, business and the environment. This is a direct refutation of Lil' Tommy's post. I just picked that topic at random because it is so easy to demonstrate.

If you are not willing to observe and concede facts, you are an ideologue. Stay in your bubble. Believe what you want. Just don't smear other people because they forced you to see the emperor (in this case Lil' Tommy) has no clothes.

3820 days ago
Beginning of the headline : An "environmentalist" is a totalitarian socialist whose real objective is to revive socialism and economic central planning under the subterfuge of "saving the planet" from capitalism.He is "green" on the outside, but red on the inside, and is hence appropriately labeled a "watermelon." A conservationist, by contrast, is someone who is actually interested in solving environmental and ecological problems and protecting wildlife and its habitat... Read More
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