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>Salutes to the Homeys  - James Howard Kunstler - 
And what does Kunstler like?

It should come as no surprise that he would recommend THE AUTOMATIC EARTH, a site featuring the supposed on-going degradation of the Earth. I doubt if you'll find mention there of the fudged climate warming data that more or less killed the whole global warming movement.

Next is ZEROHEDGE (which I monitor myself). He loves the articles but not the commentators and labels them the "worst vermin in trolldom." But Kunstler is a troll himself, closer to the source, responding to current financial problems with irrational rants against industrialization.

Reinforcing Kunstler's goal to dismantle the factories and return to the woods, he recommends THE ARCHDRUID REPORT - a site founded by John Michael Greer, the Grand Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America (a moniker that says it all). The Grand Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids?????? Wow!

Naturally bringing up the rear he mentions Jim Willie and Max Keiser - 9/11 Truthers both.

He barely mentions the one commentator that makes sense, Karl Denninger. Mr. Denninger, unlike Kunstler, at least offers rational solutions to the existing financial disaster. For that mention alone, I give James two stars this week.

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