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>Salutes to the Homeys  - James Howard Kunstler - 
I look forward to another response to this article from you outlining those blogs you feel are a better representation of today’s state of the world and would be more noteworthy than the list JHK has provided.

Don’t hold back, if we are to grow intellectually then thoughts need to flow freely. Don’t just take an opposing stance, give us alternatives, more than just one name. A brief summary as JHK has provided would be very nice as well.

Fact is that I'm not opposed to all your comments, when your actually making a point, so let’s see what you've really got up your sleeve.

3781 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Blogger PaterTenebrarum ofActing Manput it nicely today: Since MarioDraghi "bought" European bankers and politicos a summer vacation by promising to pull out all the stops to save the Euro, this blog will take a break (not a vacation) for a week from the nauseating ongoing melodrama of international finance and instead offer reviews of the other bloggers and podcasters out there that I follow... Read More
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