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>The AFTA Act of 2012  - James Howard Kunstler - 
Mr. C:

Although you exeraggerate often I believe you are correct in your critique of Mr. kunstler's current article. He does contradict himself about technology and his cell phone rant is quite foolish. Last month my car broke down on the freeway about 11pm and I really don't know what I would have done if I hadn't been able to call AAA with my cell phone. A few decades earlier I would have had to walk miles to find a working land phone . So, yes, thank you technology.

3814 days ago
Beginning of the headline : Over the years, I've spotlighted America's telephone system as the single best example of the diminishing returns of technology in everyday life.This sort of negative "blowback" occurs when you apply technological innovation to makea system work better, and you actually make it worse. As I tell it, we've spent four decades and untold billions of dollars to computerize every phone system in America... Read More
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