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>Ron Paul and the Future  - Lew Rockwell - 
Wow, how narrow minded. You take issue with Ron for not standing against Lew Rockwell’s views. Why? Ron Paul has a lot more on his plate then you do and unlike you he doesn’t always take others to task for their opinions. Unlike you he believes we are all different and this is a strength whereas you take it as a weakness. It’s a right we have, to have our own options, that you would have taken from us so that big government can really go about enslaving us with all the laws and regulations to keep us subdued.

By your implication Ron Paul agrees 100% with Lew Rockwell, how foolish. Because you always defend big government, and I’ve never seen you criticise Obama for signing the order that allows anyone to be taken hostage anywhere at any time and held with no due process, I should be assuming that you support this ridiculous grasp at a means to control the people of the US.

You really need to take off the “biased” glasses before you read any article and avoid dragging in anything not associated with it. And by this I mean that here again, you took an opportunity to drag Lincoln and the lies around him as slavery is concerned into the topic. When ever you drag Lincoln and slavery into an article you always lose, wise up and stop trying to rewrite history.

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Beginning of the headline :One of the most thrilling memories of the 2012 campaign was the sight of those huge crowds who came out to see Ron.His competitors,meanwhile,couldn’t fil lhalf a Starbucks.When I worked as Ron’schief of staff in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Icould only dream ofsuch aday. Now what was it that attracted all these people to Ron Paul? He didn’t offer his followers a spot on thefederal gravy train... Read More
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