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>When Government Shuts Down  - Lew Rockwell - 
Yuck - what a 'free market' cheerleader. It's absurd - business is a glowing saint, nobly ascribing to wonderful libertarian principles of Glorious Capitalism (mankind's highest, and highest possible, achievement). Business would never, ever, ever, under any circumstances, commit any fraud at public expense. Business is just to good and perfect, always focused on the public need. Witness, for example, British Petroleum, or Monsanto, or Pfizer - just giving the people what they want. They certainly haven't bought the government, have they? Oh, wait, it's fine to buy government in a libertarian system - capitalism is the highest value, so government is simply another commodity. It would be much better if huge, warm-fuzzy loving, public-good serving corporations like Exxon own it. They wouldn't want wars in the Middle East in order to gain access to oil, would they? Oh, hell - that's okay, too - war should be privatized. Sell everything - giant business exist only to serve the public good, which is, abracadabra, synonomous with making a profit.
Profit and public ARE NOT THE SAME. Much as I like libertarian ethics of individual freedoms and small government - I think a push to privatize everything in the interests of profit is absolute LUNACY!

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