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>The arguments against silver manipulation  - Theodore Butler - 
"There has not been a legitimate explanation for JPMorgan’s massive concentrated short position to date and I doubt there ever will be."

Oh, not again, Mr. Butler! This statement re: JPMorgue would be like my saying, "There has not been much significant evidence available to show me that Obama is pro-Constitution, pro-capitalism, pro-limited govt, pro-small business, or pro-Austrian economics." Of course, it would be a bunch of crap to write that, or a total waste of time at the best. Or maybe it would be even more akin to stating, "There has not been a legitimate study done showing that shit does not stink." Oh really? Thank you so much.

Well I hope you had fun writing that, but it sometimes makes me wonder if really you just like to see your words in print. Your "negative proof" was not only unnecessary but in my opinion even detrimental to the cause, as it makes being "only 99+% sure" sound UNSURE!!!! You KNOW this is ongoing CRIMINAL activity by CRIMINALS!!

But actually, the fact is that being even 100% sure doesn't seem to matter anymore in our oligarch run fascist state. All that matters is whether TPTB control the regulators or not, whether or not our so-called "representatives" in Congress allow the Constitution and the laws of the land to be trampled on and worse to be written to benefit only TPTB and not their constituents (to line their own pockets and assure their re-elections, of course), and whether or not the sheeple people refuse to act on the evidence already available by either continuing to vote for ANYone that is a part of the ongoing criminal fraud and dismantling of our system of laws and regulations, or by burying their heads up their azzes, or in their TVs or Facebook or smartphones, and ceasing completely to care.

Thank you for all your work writing about the silver crimes on the COMEX and about the CFTC collusion, or at least silence (despite your past transient ischemic brain freeze where you effused over Gensler calling him the "best ever" about nausea!!). But after all this time, it seems to me that throwing more verbiage at the problem is like shooting an elephant with a BB gun, and really, short of calling for heads to roll, a total waste of time.

You're so busy being "polite" and "professional" that you can't just come out and write something like the three sentence declaration below and be done with it:

"I, Ted Butler, accuse JPMorgan of committing crimes against the People of this country through illegal price suppression of silver at the COMEX and I furthermore call for those involved to be prosecuted, fined and emprisoned!! And I accuse the CFTC of colluding and likewise call for the firing, fining, and emprisoning of those involved. The evidence is beyond clear and they must be stopped NOW!!!"

3779 days ago
Beginning of the headline :No matter how convinced I may be that silver has been manipulated downward in price by JPMorgan’s concentrated and rapidly increasing short position in COMEX futures contracts; it is vital to explore why that may be wrong. Particularly with a conviction held for a long period of time, it is important to make sure I am not missing anything basic... Read More
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