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>Heretics Unite !  - James Howard Kunstler - 
America is a mess, a tasteless blob of abject despair and frustration ,which Kunstlers eloquent narrative prose exposes in an such artfull and humorous way.Keep it up James, at least it makes for good entertainment!

3503 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Historyis in abadmood, asreflected inits acting troupe, thehuman race.Whatgoes for the micro of anindividualhumanpersonalityalsoseemstrue for group.We haveourbright moments, oryears, andourdarkerones and cycleswithin cycles ofthese andevensometimesbright anddarkat thesame moment. Iamreflectingthisweek on StephenGreenblatt's book, TheSwerve: How the WorldBecame Modern,whichconcernsitselfwith themood of Europe in theearly 1400s, but inparticular thecareer of onePoggioBracciolini, apoor boywhosebeautifulhandwritingtookhim to the center of power assecretary-scribe to the first Pope John XXIII (deposed and de-Poped), andlater as key agent tounlocking thelost secrets ofclassicalantiquity... Read More
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