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>Apocalyptoween  - James Howard Kunstler - 
your much labored prose betrays the overreach of a mind too accustomed to now stale and too oft repeated scenarios of impending catastrophe. this overstretched meme has solicited in its readership only exhaustion and impatience at its much delayed arrival (as it has across the net in a variety of commentators) and indicates a myopic preoccupation which faithfully mimics the entropy it seeks to describe in aesthetic reflection. you've lost your edge, Mr.Kuntsler and your efforts would be more profitably applied to the planting of next springs spinach, kale, and of course garlic. I know there are bills to pay, but the royalties from your considerable prosody should suffice, not to speak of the sales of your truly atrocious paintings. such self promoted effete snobbery is usually rewarded as such. congratulations.

3374 days ago
Beginning of the headline :With little to do while waiting for something possibly very bad tohappen people tend to get jokey. That was how I felt about the election until Hurricane Sandy came along. For one thing, I happened to travel (by car - how else?) last week from Bennington through Brattleboro, Vermont, and down into a de-industrialized corner of northwestern Massachusetts... Read More
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