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>Christmas Story  - James Howard Kunstler - 
James, I read this story on your blog, on Monday, and it brought back memories of the Fezziwig Chapter: when old Fezziwig threw the Christmas Party for Bob Marley, Ebeneezer Scrooge, all his friends and family. There's a story I can tell you of some beautiful, old, magnificent buildings (right around here) that are caving in on themselves. Oh, there are a few of us, poor but getting by, who would put our time and resources into rebuilding one of them ~ but the owner wants TOP DOLLAR for it (an historic building ? - greed ?) and so it sits, year-after-year (7 years now) getting worse and worse. Eventually it will be worthless, the owner will let it go for taxes, and the auction will sell it for Chump Change; but by that time it will NOT be repairable. So it goes . . . . Merry Christmas James.

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Beginning of the headline :On Saturday, the town next to us, Cambridge, New York, put on its annual Christmas breakfast in the main theater of its old opera house,Hubbard Hall. Cambridge is a farming town in a farming economy that died and is just beginning to be re-born. The town occupies a landscape of tender hollows and gentle hills that rise toward the Green Mountains of Vermont twenty miles east... Read More
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