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>Some Sunny Day  - James Howard Kunstler - 
Another mindless rant by Kunstler who says, "The wonder of it all is that there hasn't been civil disorder yet. When I go into the supermarket, I marvel at the price of things: a single onion for a dollar.." A dollar for an onion? Where does the fool shop? And for that he urges civil unrest? What, a dollar for an onion? Barricade the streets! Attack the police! Vandalize! And the mindless say, "yes, sir" and scurry away like rats to fill petrol bottles. Kunstler moans about the econmony and yet voted for the Socialist Obama -- go figure.

Here Kunstler again reveals his anti-industrial mindset, "Do they believe that when absolutely every task in America is computerized there will be any gainful work outside of a sort of janitorial IT to tend all the computers." Critics of Henry Ford's horseless carriage also screamed about the death of the economy back when. What's left unsaid is Kunstler's threat that the best civilization is one that forbids (upon pain of incarceration or death) any innovation whatsoever -- for how else could you prevent it?

And, naturally, the mindless and hartless will agree with him.

3620 days ago
Beginning of the headline : The story behind the "fiscal cliff" melodrama and the much-memed handwringing about the "good-for-nothing congress" is probably not quite what it appears -- a set of problems that will eventually be overcome by "better leadership" armed with "solutions." The story is really about the permanent disabling of government at this scale and at this level of complexity... Read More
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