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>Cattle Drive  - James Howard Kunstler - 
Kunstler, as usual, faints with a truth and that sucker punches with a lie: that the Fed has screwed the economy is true, that the United States can't be energy independent is not.

He says, "Apparently that shale oil bonanza we hear so much about has not left the USA swimming in cheap oil." We would have cheap oil if only Obama, the environmentals, and the anti-industrial Kunstlers of the world allowed free enterprise to explore and develop without bureaucratic inhibition. The motive for those suppressing energy independence is the same: control of the individual via weath destruction and gun control. And once freedom has been destroyed those three grouops will turn upon themselves to see who will be the Head Conductor to the gas chambers.

Kunstler aptly entittles his article "Cattle Drive." He would steer you wrong.

3953 days ago
Beginning of the headline :How hilarious is the Federal Reserve's cattle drive of cash money (i.e. "liquidity") into the stock markets? I'll tell you: if that cash is outflow from bonds that pay ZIRP interest rates, then this attempt to stampede investment into the stock market is only going to succeed in ravaging the bond market and by extension the credibility of the dollar, the US banking cartel, and then the world financial system as a whole.      If bond-dumpers rush into stocks, then who are the next bond buyers at... Read More
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