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>State of the Union  - James Howard Kunstler - 
The fallacy of peak oil has been exposed by the legitimate scientific community - those whose brains haven't been fogged by the nonsense of Mother Gaia seeking revenge on humanity for daring to create mankind's greatest civilization. Kunstler would have us gather up our rakes and hoes and head for the hills; build mudhuts and perhaps even offer up a child or two so as to placate the weather gods.

In the meantime as long as civilization still exists I guess Kunstler will have to condescend to modern medical treatment, with state of the art digital equipment, should the need arise -- probably wearing a mask so as not to be recognized.

3585 days ago
Beginning of the headline :The fog of chatter about Federal Reserve money-printing shenanigans, currency wars, fiscal intransigence, exchange rates, and alphabetized rescue operations conceals the central reality of the historical moment: that all industrial economies now face epic contraction, even rip-roaring China in its absurd and spectacular bid to become the latest drive-in utopia. The so-called advanced nations of the world are all sliding toward something less than they wish to be, and the so-called developing nations will backslide further into poverty and anarchy where development will never happen... Read More
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