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>State of the Union  - James Howard Kunstler - 
As you appear to be new here a short intro to Jimmy C world is prerequisite. Jim can’t decide which side of the fence to stand on most days. He tells us that he is prepared for the worst, gold and silver tucked away. He has food a meds ready to go and all the other trimmings of a preppers cupboard yet he keeps promoting technology. Wishy washy describes this individual. He keeps telling us that there will be power to keep all of this technology running while getting ready to move back into the berry patch. What’s really hard to grasp is a complete lack to reference to his hero, Lincoln, in this rant.

On the other side and most certainly not in defence of Jim, it does not take millions of years to squeeze oil out of biomass. I would suggest looking at and doing more research, check the references listed on that site. There is much material out there that contradicts the common fallacy of millions of years being required to produce oil. This is not to argue against the math comment. Certainly we are not in a position today where economics allow us to use the methods described for the production of crude in the quantity the world chews up but rather the point is that making crude out of garbage is something that will be on the radar when crude prices go high enough. The race will be on and the con artists on Wall Street will be placing their bets. The question is whether or not humans will still be walking the planet when common oil actually runs out. If the morons in Washington get twitchy a lack of oil will be far removed from the concerns of daily survival.

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Beginning of the headline :The fog of chatter about Federal Reserve money-printing shenanigans, currency wars, fiscal intransigence, exchange rates, and alphabetized rescue operations conceals the central reality of the historical moment: that all industrial economies now face epic contraction, even rip-roaring China in its absurd and spectacular bid to become the latest drive-in utopia. The so-called advanced nations of the world are all sliding toward something less than they wish to be, and the so-called developing nations will backslide further into poverty and anarchy where development will never happen... Read More
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