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>Chapter 3: Physical Silver – To Buy or Not?  - David Morgan - Silver Investor
This site is such an eye opener. I have recently come to know about investing in precious metals and I am not savvy in economic or financial matters but I am learning a lot.
Funny how printing more paper money was simply PRINTING when it was done by the likes of Mobutu Seseseko of Zaire and now that its being done in the 1st world its
called by a fancy and complicated term QUANTITATIVE EASING! Or even shortened QE and then it becomes even more complicated for some of us because we start thinking of QEEN ELIZABETH lol

3494 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Many believe gold is the only asset that isn't someone else's liability, but in our latest installation of the "Guide to Silver Investing," David Morgan argues that not only does physical silver serve the same purpose, it is more liquid. Read on. . ... Read More
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