Caledonia Mining Corporation

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CUSIP : 12932K
CA$ 21.29
05/26 16:59 -0.390
Prev close Open Low High Volume
21.68 21.56 21.00 21.56 6,652
Year l/h YTD var. 52 week l/h 52 week var. 1 month var.
10.05 -  21.99 93.55% 7.24 -  21.99 190.85% 25.31%
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Mkt Cap OustandingMkt Cap Fully Diluted
Produces Gold
Explores for Cobalt - Copper - Diamonds - Gold
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Last updated on : 6/16/2010
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Annual reports of Caledonia Mining Corporation
 Caledonia's Q4 and Annual Results 2008 Conference Call
 announces its Fourth Quarter and 2007 Annual Results
Financings of Caledonia Mining Corporation
7/31/2007 EXTENDS 17,000,000 WARRANTS
Nominations of Caledonia Mining Corporation
8/20/2013 Appointment of Chief Operating Officer
1/25/2013 Shareholders Approve the Reduction in Stated Capital and Sha...
5/29/2012 [pressrelease] Caledonia Mining Appoints New Directors
5/29/2012 Appoints New Directors
5/16/2012 [pressrelease] Caledonia Mining Appoints New Director
4/19/2012 Exercise of Options and Directors' Dealings
3/28/2008 Announces the appointment of a new Director
2/15/2008 Appoints Dr Trevor Pearton as Vice-President, Exploration
Financials of Caledonia Mining Corporation
3/31/2015 Results for the Fourth Quarter and Year ended December 31, 2...
8/14/2012 Reports Second Quarter 2012 Operating and Financial Results ...
5/10/2012 [pressrelease] Caledonia Mining First Quarter 2012 Operating...
4/5/2012 Notice of Posting of Annual Financial Statements
6/29/2011 Notice of Posting of Annual Financial Statements
5/19/2011 [pressrelease] Caledonia Mining First Quarter 2011 Results
5/18/2011 First Quarter 2011 Results
11/14/2008 Announces Third Quarter 2008 Results
8/15/2008 2008 Second Quarter and Half Year Results
11/15/2007  Third Quarter 2007 Results
5/15/2007 Announces its First Quarter 2007 Results
Project news of Caledonia Mining Corporation
11/14/2012 Reports Record High Q3 2012 Production and Gross Profits
8/9/2012 (Nama)Nama Base Metal Project, Zambia: Project Update
5/24/2012 (Blanket)Indigenisation Update: Transfer of a Further 20% of Blanket ...
8/19/2011 (Blanket)Update on Indigenisation at the Blanket Mine in Zimbabwe
1/24/2011 (Blanket)January 2011 Shareholder Update
11/9/2009 (Blanket)Blanket Mine Awarded Exporter of the Year
7/2/2009 (Rooipoort)Mitsubishi Corporation Withdraws From Proposed Participation...
10/2/2008 (Nama) Awarded Mining Licences for Nama Cobalt Project
5/6/2008 (Nama)Announces NI 43-101 Resource for Anomaly “D” and
4/7/2008 (Barbrook)Signs Formal Agreements for Sale of Barbrook and Eersteling ...
3/4/2008 (Eersteling)Accepts Offer of C$3.81 million for Eersteling Gold Mine
2/25/2008 (Barbrook)Accepts Offer of R70 million for Barbrook Gold Mine
1/29/2008 (Nama)Announces Cobalt Off-take Agreement with Large Chinese Refin...
8/14/2007 (Blanket) Blanket Mine resumes underground operations after shaft exp...
5/8/2007 (Nama)Announces the Phase 3 Drilling Program at the Nama Cobalt Pr...
Corporate news of Caledonia Mining Corporation
1/25/2016 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Share Purchase
1/21/2016 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Share Purchase
1/21/2016 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Proposed Re-domicile: Notifica...
1/18/2016 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Share Purchase
1/12/2016 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Long Term Incentive Awards
1/12/2016 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Exercise of Share Options
1/8/2016 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Grant of Share Options
1/6/2016 Caledonia Mining Corporation: 2015 Production Update and 201...
1/5/2016 Caledonia Declares Ninth Quarterly Dividend and Revised US D...
12/21/2015 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Proposed Re-domicile from Cana...
12/16/2015 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Adoption of US Dollar-Denomina...
12/15/2015 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Response to Share Price Declin...
12/3/2015 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Resource Update at the Blanket...
10/12/2015 Caledonia Mining Corporation Q3 2015 Production Update
10/6/2015 Caledonia Declares Eighth Quarterly Dividend
9/21/2015 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Update on Implementation of th...
9/2/2015 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Share Purchase
8/13/2015 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Results for the Second Quarter...
8/10/2015 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Board Appointments
7/17/2015 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Caledonia Re-Files Technical R...
7/13/2015 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Acceptance of Resignation of R...
7/7/2015 Caledonia Declares Seventh Quarterly Dividend
7/6/2015 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Q2 2015 Production Update
6/18/2015 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Update on Implementation of th...
4/9/2015 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Q1 2015 Production and Sales
4/7/2015 Caledonia Declares Sixth Quarterly Dividend
4/7/2015 Declares Sixth Quarterly Dividend
3/31/2015 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Results for the Fourth Quarter...
3/5/2015 Delta Air Lines accident is latest at New York's LaGuardia
2/27/2015 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Update on Implementation of th...
2/6/2015 Fidelity Amend their Pricing and Payment terms for Gold Prod...
2/6/2015 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Fidelity Amend their Pricing a...
1/26/2015 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Share purchase
1/14/2015 United Airlines says it will 'insource' airport jobs too
1/8/2015 Caledonia Mining Corporation: 2014 Production Update and 201...
1/7/2015 FAA to require airlines use data to prevent accidents
1/6/2015 Caledonia Declares Fifth Quarterly Dividend
12/29/2014 AirTran makes final flight, ending 21-year run
12/18/2014 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Share purchase
12/8/2014 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Resignation of Mr Stefan Hayde...
12/2/2014 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Filing of NI 43-101 Technical ...
11/18/2014 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Management Changes
11/13/2014 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Results for the Third Quarter ...
11/3/2014 Caledonia Mining Corporation: Revised Investment Plan and Pr...
10/30/2014 Settlement reached in 2009 New York plane crash
9/26/2014 Startup airline PeoplExpress suspends flights
9/23/2014 United Continental settles immigration-bias claim
9/19/2014 Trial over plane crash into New York home begins
9/15/2014 United offers up to $100K if workers leave
9/9/2014 NY jury being chosen for plane-into-house lawsuit
8/21/2014 United lures top fliers with promise of a hot meal
7/28/2014 Virgin America files plans for IPO
7/28/2014 Virgin America files for IPO
10/7/2013 (Blanket)Blanket Mine Third Quarter 2013 Production Update
7/2/2013 (Blanket)Blanket Mine Second Quarter 2013 Production Update
5/13/2013 Q1 2013 Results and Confirmation of Annual General Meeting D...
5/13/2013 Q1 2013 Results and Confirmation of Annual General Meeting D...
4/10/2013 (Blanket)Blanket Mine First Quarter 2013 Production Update
4/4/2013 Announcement of 2012 Dividend
3/28/2013 Fourth Quarter and 2012 Annual Results; 2012 Gold Production...
3/14/2013 Implementation of Share Consolidation
1/14/2013 (Blanket)Blanket Mine Fourth Quarter 2012 Production Update
1/14/2013 (Blanket)Blanket Mine Fourth Quarter 2012 Production Update
1/9/2013 (Blanket)-Strategy Update: Blanket Mine Expects To Increase Gold Prod...
1/3/2013 Confirms Distribution of Meeting Materials to Shareholders
10/9/2012 (Blanket)Blanket Mine Third Quarter Production Update
9/24/2012 (Nama)Status of the Nama Large Scale Mining Licences in Zambia
9/13/2012 Grant of Options
6/21/2012 Zimbabwe Indigenisation update: Caledonia Concludes Sale Agr...
9/8/2011 (Blanket)Blanket Gold Mine in Zimbabwe achieves record daily producti...
8/12/2011 2011 Second Quarter and Half Year Results and Management Con...
7/4/2011 (Blanket)Files New NI 43-101 Report on Blanket Mine
5/30/2011 (Blanket)Blanket Mine's 10 MVA Standby Generating Installation Commis...
3/31/2011 2010 Fourth Quarter and Annual Results and Management Confer...
2/12/2010 Website Update
9/4/2009 Reduces Exercise Price of Outstanding Options
5/28/2009 Report on 2009 Annual General Meeting and Shareholder Update
6/30/2008  and Mitsubishi Corporation Sign Agreement on the Rooipoort ...
6/2/2008 concludes the sale of the Barbrook
4/23/2008 Grants an extension for the fulfilment of a suspensive condi...
4/14/2008 Announces the Adoption of a Shareholder Rights Plan
3/25/2008  announces the signing of a fourth Cobalt Sales Agreement
3/11/2008 Announces the signing of two further Cobalt Sales Agreements
1/31/2008  Signs Marketing Agreement with MRI Trading AG
1/2/2008 Resignation of Roland Fasel as Caledonia Director