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 Andy Hoffman
Why the U.S. Wants a War  (14)
Great Rant Andy sir we are fortunate to have resources like these to make informed decisions and be resistant of clouded judgement. We must join one and all to buy metals as a group globally on April 2 moving forward annually remembering to set our goals to survive another day. After all these futile situations have passed us and the powers that be have moved on we will regroup, repair, and train civilization to...
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 John Browne - Euro Pacific Capital
Inflation Held in Check by Fear  (1)
I don t think Ben Bernanke gets reception with his head so far up his U.S.S. never mind decipher a riddle. But hey we can sit here and mock them and we can take massive action for thank you John Browne.
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 Adrian Ash - Bullion Vault
China's "Mystery" Gold Buyer
Chinese Women Military has over 200 million members.

So if The Peoples of China are doing something like buying gold it is going to be in a HUGE way. Mainstream shelters A LOT of topics to say the least.

Thank You Adrian.

Ash from
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 Jason Hommel - Silverstockreport
Silver is Money!  (4)
Silver Is Better than money for our clients. Thanks for the write up Jason Sir all well observed facts.
Silver video from a coin shop.

Papli makes very good points seeing the ratio move pass 1:20 would a step in the right direction.

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 Lost and old Mines - Lost Mines
The Lost mines of Sierra
Yes! Archives, this is fantastic. Just to know that New Mexico Wasn't always New Mexico is amazing throw in 20 million PLUS now you got our attention spreading consistent vibes of human innovation always (At) come subscribe to The Daily Wheel Of Wealth.

Thanks New York Times

Denny C Hey thanks for the follow we would love to at see you at our page on Facebook!
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 Antal E. Fekete - Gold University
Silver and Opium  (49)
Its great to read the history of some of the original reasons that is bringing the world to its KNEES!
Get in on the wheel! The Wheel Of Wealth! TAKE Hints of current events and tune into Thank you Antal E. Fekete.
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 Gold - 24hgold
Gold and Silver in 63 languages  (5)
Perfect All My Clients can benefit from this!
More help the better, free books and tips Talented writer everyday1person will wake up to make a difference Free Books and Tips Thanks.
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Superorganism Open Forum  (1)
What is going on! These unstoppable creatures remind me of some other powers that be.
Buy Seeds Buy Gold Buy Silver
Working with others at

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 David Galland - Casey Research
Permanent Gold Backwardation  (8)
Hi Keith another fine article.

Informing us of the present economic concerns and transparency of the future.
We need to have protection now
Thanks 24hour and David.
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