Country USA 
Province Nevada
Close to Battle moutain
Latitude / Longitude 40 N 26 / 117 W 17
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Risk and valuation analysis of the GROUSE CREEK Project
Status Risk : Green exploration
Country Risk : Very Low
Title(s) of the GROUSE CREEK Project
Fronteer Gold
: 100%
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AuEx has agreed to pay mining claim maintenance fees due in August 2006 totaling $6,675.
Hecla Mining Company
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Location of the GROUSE CREEK Project
The Grouse Creek property consists of 50 unpatented mining claims totaling about 900 acres located in the northern Shoshone Range on the Battle Mountain-Eureka Trend approximately 10 miles northwest of Barrick Gold's Pipeline gold mining complex.
History of the GROUSE CREEK Project
History: Sporadic work has been done in the past on these claims with some shallow drilling apparent from old drill sites in one area. Previous prospecting appears to be limited. In November 2004 MK Resources did a study including data compilation an more...
Geology of the GROUSE CREEK Project
The Grouse Creek Project lies between the Battle Mountain and Cortez Mining Complexes within the Battle Mountain Eureka Trend. It lies within a complex series of structures that include the effects of early thrusting, Eocene plutonism, Oligocene caldera formation and the Miocene bimodal rift.
Production history
GOLD (oz)29,62298,883179,2942,616
SILVER (oz)109,713463,4611,325,59910,953
Data last updated on : 12/31/2006
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